Learn Every Button in Tagzter in Only 8 Minutes

A Few Benefits of Using Tagzter

Simple, Stable, & Reliable

Built off of cutting-edge code for premium stability and reliability. You can relax while working, knowing that your inspection report data is never lost or compromised. Best-in-class software designed for home inspectors.

Fewer Clicks Saves You Time

Our software operates with much fewer clicks than our competitors. You are essentially only one click away from every option in the app. You can operate your entire inspection within the camera screen. It's an industry-changing feature that we are very proud of.

Stand Out to Get More Business

Our reports stand out! They were designed by real estate agents and tested over many different revisions. When your Realtor receives a Tagzter report, they will be pleasantly surprised and be more likely to hire you.
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Save Time

Imagine performing high-quality inspections in half the time! Tagzter allows you to spend less time looking at your phone screen and more time inspecting. The app is designed by home inspectors with the features they asked for.

  • Use our default template or create your own. You control the software.
  • Store as many photos and videos as you want. Our system is optimized to handle it.
  • Save and sync with multiple inspectors on the same job site.
  • Watch the progress bar grow as you move through your inspection.
  • Generate a Summary to easily review with clients at any time during the inspection.
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Attract New Business

We built our inspection report to be consumer-friendly and easy to follow. Fewer words with more pictures and videos. We consulted with Realtors around the country to find the best format that works well on desktops and mobile phones. Our reports are light and load within seconds.

  • Our average home inspection report loads in less than 3 seconds.
  • Instantly add comments and markups to any deficiency image or video.
  • Realtors love the save feature that allows buyers to save the defects they are most interested in.
  • View the report at any time during your inspection.
  • Generates a PDF report for Realtors, with links back to the online version.
Tagzter Inspection Report Example